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Looking for a caterer in Concord? Skip the worries and settle for no less than the authority in the catering business—Chef Mario Vena of Catering by Mario.

Ask around and many will testify of his mastery in the catering department. Big names in the corporate world such as BMW, Honda, IBM—to name a few—have all been satisfied clients of this long-time caterer, chef and restaurateur.

Chef Mario knows catering more intimately than you would expect.

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Being a native of Italy, Chef Mario Vena has inherited an innate passion for cooking—a passion which he has channeled to his catering business. To him, food is both a passion and a vocation.

Throughout his three-decade experience in the catering industry, he has honed his culinary and catering skills and earned various awards and accolades.Dining Out Magazine has conferred on Chef Mario an “Award for Excellence” while Dolce and City Life has featured his profile.

One of the many restaurants he runs—La Reserve—has been named one of the Top 10 Restaurants in the sophisticated city of Toronto.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to treat your guests to the sumptuous food of a most awarded chef?

Lest you think this distinguished chef is only for the rich and famous, be assured that Chef Mario has also catered to many simple, homely individuals and families who were all served and catered as finely as all of the rest.

Chef Mario extends his catering service to virtually everyone who needs seamless and hassle-free catering service.

Soul-satisfying Food

With Chef Mario at the helm of your catering event, you can be sure that the food is superb, delivered promptly, presented exquisitely and cooked to perfection. Your guests will compliment you profusely and leave the event thoroughly satisfied.

Chef Mario has an extensive array of dishes, ranging from the more traditional Southern Californian fare to the more classic Italian menu or the more exotic Pacific ones. He serves lunch or dinner, complete with the whole repertoire from entrée to dessert.

The secret to Chef Mario’s mouth-watering dishes is his meticulous choice of ingredients. Only the freshest and crispiest produce, most pungent and aromatic herbs and most tender cuts of meat go into each dish.

Not only that, Chef Mario makes sure the food is presented in a tantalizing way as befitting its exquisite taste. With Chef Mario, the main element of your catering event—the food—is ably taken care of.

Topnotch Service​​​​​​

What’s the use of good food when the service is sloppy? No matter how good the food, if it is delivered late and presented in a less desirable way, the result would be disastrous. Exquisite food and professional service should always go hand in hand for your event to be to you and to your guests a wonderful experience.

It would reassure you to know that Concord Catering by Mario excels in the service department as much as in the cooking part. If Chef Mario can deliver seamlessly such prestigious catering events as corporate functions (and he has), you can count on him to serve your catering needs smoothly and in style. Corporate giants have wondered how Chef Mario is able to man hundreds of food and bar stations at once and how he can set his staff working with the precision of a clock.

So If you want to experience the peace of mind knowing that your catering needs are in the hands of a pro, if you want to know the wonder of being enrapt with the sheer delight of delectable food and impeccable service, look for no one else but Chef Mario.

Why not sign up now for his 15-minute Planning Session? You will be amazed at how warm and gracious he is. To Chef Mario, every client is a friend and every working partnership turns into a friendly relationship. He will ascertain the nature of your event, the size of your guests, the dishes you desire, the kind of theme menu you dream about and the service you want. He will go through all the details so he can map out a plan which is customized to your needs, preferences and tastes.

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