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Four Things to Consider When Choosing a Newmarket Caterer for Your Event

If you’re on the lookout for an expert, professional Newmarket caterer your search ends here.

Whether you’re looking to host a wedding, a corporate event, your child’s first birthday or your parents’ golden anniversary, finding the right caterer in Newmarket or anywhere else for that matter is critical to the success of your event. Newmarket Catering – Richmond Hill Catering Services will help you.

If you want your wedding to be as perfect as you dreamed it to be, or your corporate event to flow on schedule, choosing an experienced caterer right from the get-go can give you the peace of mind you need, to know that your event is going to turn out exactly how you planned it to be.

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Here are four things you should consider to ensure you pick the perfect Newmarket caterer:

  • Food quality and presentation: Food is by far one of the most important elements on the day of your event. Whether the food is excellent or terrible, it is sure to be commented on by every attendee. If the food is exceptionally good it will linger on the taste buds of your guests, making them remember your event long after they leave. But even good food is nothing without good presentation. No matter how delicious the food tastes, it may not look tempting if it’s not presented right. A professional caterer knows just how to make the food look appetizing and can jazz up the food layout based on your theme or how casual or formal your event is. To make sure the food at your event gets raving reviews you need to do your due diligence and make the effort to select the right Newmarket caterer. Do your research, search online, and consult with friends and family before you jump to making a decision.
  • Budget: You need to make sure that the caterer you hire is willing to work with you and customize their menu to fit your budget, giving you the best value for your money. However, it’s important that you set a realistic budget depending on the number of guests you have at your event. Compromising on the quality of food is not the best way to cut costs. Think of ways to cut down on other expenses like the event décor for example to ensure that the food at your event is top-notch.
  • Service: Exceptional food has to be presented with exceptional service. Having a team of experienced, professional wait staff who have a knack of handling both surprises and accidents with a smile and cope with any situation thrown at them is essential to the overall success of your event. Although it is highly recommended to find a caterer who provides their own servers, some caterers may not provide their own service staff leaving you to rely on the staff provided by the venue hosting your event. To ensure smooth sailing at the event, the best scenario would be to find a Newmarket caterer who brings their own wait staff and they work in collaboration with the staff provided by the venue.
  • Experience: Like most professions, catering gets better with experience. Experienced caterers can help save you money because they know how much food and how many servers it really takes to comfortably serve a hundred people or a thousand people. They know how to handle situations with finesse even if they are caught off-guard, and they can work with you to customize their food offerings based on your budget, making the food look and taste exceptional. Experienced Newmarket caterers, who have been around for many years are also more likely to have worked with top venues around the city so they know what it takes to cater any type of event including anniversaries, office parties, birthdays, weddings and more at any given venue. It also gives you the peace of mind that the caterer and the venue have worked together in the past, know their responsibilities and are able to work together as a team.

World renowned Newmarket caterer, Mario Vena has been enticing guests with his mouth-watering, impeccably presented food for over thirty years.

Trusted by top companies including BMW, Suzuki and IBM to mention a few, Chef Mario sets the standards of what a true fine dining catering experience should be. Backed by many years of catering all types of events, from annual corporate Christmas and New Year’s galas to small sophisticated private parties, you can be rest assured that you are in safe hands with Chef Mario by your side.

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